Club History

A Brief History of the SPYC

St. Petersburg’s city fathers had ambitious plans for their commercial docks: create waterfront parks and a yacht club! The St. Petersburg Yacht Club was founded in 1909 and following the reclamation and completion of the waterfront, the clubhouse was inaugurated on its current site in 1917. Two years later, 6 Fish Class sailboats were acquired and One Design Racing began. Several classes have returned annually for over 60 years. Offshore racing started with the Havana Race in 1930 as the forerunner for the SORC. Both events have brought sailors from all over the world to Tampa Bay. The Yacht Club is famous for its standards of race management and events are run almost all year round. The Club also offers courses where juniors learn to sail. Sailors have represented the Club all over the world.

Take a moment to read the Club’s history, taken from the Club’s Centennial book, and enjoy the photo galleries.

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